Choosing and installing a wireless alarm system

Easy to install and configure, a wireless home alarm is the system of choice to protect your home or apartment. Indeed, a wireless alarm system works by radio link. In addition, a wireless alarm is a modular and scalable system. You can add as many accessories as you want. And above all, if you move, your wireless alarm, easily removable, also moves with you!


A wireless alarm system is designed to fully adapt to the premises to be protected. It is therefore essential to think carefully about how to install the various detectors to optimally secure your house or apartment.

The power plant

Instead, the central unit must be placed in the centre of the installation to receive signals from all receivers with maximum efficiency. In addition, it must not be easily spotted while still allowing it to be audible throughout the house. Finally, if you choose a model with GSM telephone rf remote control transmitter, to do your own remote monitoring or through a third party, it must be placed so that it can be connected to the telephone line. This option allows two-way communication between the central unit and a remote telephone.

Finally, do not forget to program the detectors in the control unit before fixing them in their final position.

wireless alarm system

The sensors

There are two types of detector. The infrared motion detector is designed to detect the movement of people by variations in heat in rooms or corridors. Therefore, it is recommended not to install this type of detector in the following locations:


Where an appliance causes too rapid temperature variations (air conditioning, heating plate…) ;

Where the detector is exposed to sunlight;

Next to electrical appliances that are too powerful or emit radio such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, dimmers;

When furniture blocks the range of the detector because it is too close;

Where pets go too often;

In front of large reflective objects like a large mirror for example;

In a bathroom or this kind of place where humidity is very important;

When the detector detects a presence, the red LED lights up for 1 second, which means the detector transmits a signal for 1 second to the control unit.

wireless detector

All that remains is to test your installation to verify that your long distance wireless relay alarm system is correctly configured. And you’ll finally be able to go away for a weekend or a holiday with peace of mind!

Air conditioner remote control tips

Air conditioners are used very often in current life. Many people in the process of using air conditioning may be due to improper operation, there will be no response to the air conditioning remote control, affecting our daily practical use. At the same time, many people do not understand the reasons for the non-response to the air-conditioning remote control. Next, I will tell you about the reasons for the non-response of the air-conditioning remote control and the solutions. I hope to help everyone.


What is an air conditioner remote control?

An air conditioner remote rf controller is a device for remotely controlling an air conditioner. It is mainly composed of an integrated circuit board and buttons for generating different messages. The remote controller is mainly composed of a microprocessor chip, a crystal oscillator, an amplifying transistor, an infrared light emitting diode, and a keyboard matrix that form a rf remote control signal.

rf remote control

The reason why the air conditioner remote control does not respond

The air conditioner remote control battery has no electricity; Infrared receiver is broken The failure of the air conditioner remote controller motherboard will cause the entire remote controller to malfunction; The internal parts of the remote controller are damaged, causing the remote controller to malfunction.


Air conditioner remote control does not respond to the solution

It is possible that the power of the remote control is insufficient. It may be that the infrared long range wireless relay device is broken or the motherboard is broken. This requires a professional to help repair or buy a new one. Sometimes it is infiltration of a small amount of water. Simply pull out the battery and blow dry it.


If the entire remote control is soaked in water, it should seek professional service. In the process of use, the non-response of the air-conditioner remote controller does not often occur, but we need to make a simple understanding of the non-response of the air-conditioning remote controller, so that the overall use effect of the air conditioner can be better improved and the use of the air conditioner can be avoided. The problem affects our daily use.

The portal: the reception of your property

You like to give a good first impression? You like to welcome your guests in the most beautiful way? If you want your home to also give a good first impression, you must provide it with a beautiful portal!


The different kinds of portals

You can opt for a PVC gate, which you can choose sliding or casement. For an even trendier portal, you can opt for aluminum models.

remote control

The different engines

You can choose a classic motorization or… opt for a solar motorization! The ecology is trendy and if you equip your gate with a solar motorization, you will surely make yourself noticed and attract the curiosity of your neighbors and friends. With solar energy, you make a gesture for the environment by using non-polluting energy that we have available in abundance!


In any case, choose a rf wireless portal model that looks like you and fits in well with the general style of your home.